Aphrodite was born overseas in Alexandria Egypt and emigrated to Australia as a child with her parents.


She studied at The Swinburne Institute of Technology graduating in Film and Television Production. The beginning of her film career coincided with the renaissance of the Australian Film Industry in the early 1970’s.

She has distinguished herself as a Costume designer by her strong individual style which is a fusion of her cosmopolitan upbringing in Egypt with the many years she has spent travelling and living in Europe and her adopted country Australia.

Her Costumes have been showcased in over 30 memorable Australian and International films and in more recent times as a Production Designer on some of Australia’s most awarded television Commercials.

With her unique visual ability and insightful approach, Aphrodite has collaborated with and inspired many film directors, encompassing a wide variety of film genres, such as Tom Tykwer ‘Wintersleepers’, Randal Klieser ‘The Blue Lagoon’, Richard Flanagan ‘The Sound Of One Hand Clapping’, Richard Franklin ‘Road Games’, Brian Trenchard Smith ‘Frog Dreaming’, George Miller ‘Gross Misconduct’.

Aphrodite brings a commitment to excellence in all her projects. Her passion for her craft has resulted in Aphrodite being nominated 6 times for an AFI award for Costume Design.